Email Success Stories

Discover why entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople are using Simple Outreach to send better emails.

Simple Outreach has played a key role in our growth. Thanks to their cost effective platform we’ve been able to connect with more companies than ever before and build out a network of partners deepening their community impact.
— Vinny V, Founder, Equityscholar
75% of our closes last month originated with Simple Outreach.
— — Joe S, Shoot Share Win
Simple Outrach is an integral component of our demand generation process. We’re extremely satisfied with our CSM team and the platform as a whole.
— Brian K, Director, Videorize
One of our strongest assets is our ability to quickly change direction when the market demands. As a result, we throw a lot of different ideas at marketing and we found Simple Outreach to be the best ROI.
— Jen S, CSO Ventures
With Simple Outreach we’ve been able to successfully scale our sales operations quickly and effectively.
— Chris M, Reputation Runner
With Simple Outreach, we were able to hone in on a highly-targeted and unique segment of our audience while our primary competitor unsuccessfully attempted to acquire the entire market.
— Jan P, CEO, Buffalo Residential

Send Better Cold Outreach Emails

Email outreach can be an exhausting task to manage, especially when you’re not seeing the results you expected. If you want to see more ROI from your efforts, it’s time to change the way you approach cold email outreach.