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Using Simple Outreach, you can email 500 journalists quickly, but you can do it with real personalization, not the standard mail merge templating.
— Brian K, Director, Videorize

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Save time by uploading your list of contacts to Simple Outreach in seconds.

Creating a mail merge allows you to easily send one customized email to an entire group of contacts at the same time. In Simple Outreach, you can manually add recipients to a campaign one-by-one, or all at once by uploading a CSV file that contains all recipients and associated column data. The benefit of mail merges is that they show up in inboxes as 1-1 emails, as opposed to other types of automated email marketing campaigns.

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Proven PR Outreach Templates

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel with your email copy.

  • Use and customize our templates that are proven to earn PR placements at the world’s largest publications…

  • …or save your own templates so you and your team can use them again.

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Scale your outreach without sacrificing personalization.

  • Simple Outreach empowers you to send hundreds of the personalized emails journalists and influencers demand in a fraction of the time.

  • Track opens, clicks, replies, and lead stages with our powerful analytics dashboard.

Over 92% of journalists prefer email pitches and outreach over other channels.

Secure more PR placements by contacting journalists on their terms with Simple Outreach. See what you’re missing out on.