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Just head to the Simple Outreach Lead Store.  Here you'll find a robust verified and accurate database with advanced search to find your ideal prospects. Simply enter your search queries and browse our cultivated list of decision makers. When you find what you like, you can purchase each lead for just .99 cents and get them directly placed into your lists. Buy 10 or 10,000 - the great thing about Simple Outreach is that our data is a la carte, so you only pay for the verified data you actually want. If you cant find what you are looking for you can request that our team of researchers find the data for you at no additional cost!  Then, use them in-platform or download them to use elsewhere.

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B2b sales leads

Get Direct Contact Information

You can choose who you want to target with multiple selection options. Your custom list will be created from a lead store pool. Specify exactly what criteria you’re looking for and get in touch with the right people, right away so you can engage with high-quality prospects only.

Make Our List Your List

Turning your customized leads into a CSV or Excel file lets you integrate your list with your own Customer Relationship Management software. You get to pick and choose who you target and what criteria you select, which allows you to target your resources wisely and focus on prospects who will deliver.

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Our happy customers have saved hundreds of research hours by using Simple Outreach leads.