Save time by building automated follow-up messages into your cold email campaigns.

It is not always easy to remember to follow up with recipients after you send your initial cold email. Simple Outreach helps you increase productivity and drive more engagement by allowing you to add automatic follow-ups to your outreach campaigns. They'll stop sending when your recipient takes one of the actions you specify (such as replying).

Increase reply rates by choosing from a handful of existing email follow-up templates.

With Simple Outreach, you don’t have to worry about deciding what to say in the follow-up emails that you send to cold contacts. Instead, you can choose from a handful of proven, pre-crafted email body templates that we have created based on years of research and actual testing. By using email copy that has already been shown to be effective, you can spend your time adding personalization, rather than having to start from scratch every time.

See what you’re missing out on.

Our happy customers have sent over 3,421,888 emails using Simple Outreach.