We're entrepreneurs and marketers, and we didn't like the other outreach services out there.   

When we were just starting out, we had a great b2b product, but when we were ready to launch, we didn't have the budget to afford multiple trade conventions, unreliable adwords, and confusing lead databases.


Email is the preferred marketing channel for B2B sales teams. Simple Outreach gets you the data you need to keep your business growing. With our verified leads, let us spend the time researching the data so you can do more closing!

We simply needed reliable data, batch email automation, and analytics all in one place.  We developed Simple Outreach to help us have more conversations, qualify more leads, and close more deals than ever before.  Now you can too.


Here's what we learned about what it takes to create an effective email outreach campaign and how Simple Outreach is designed for you to achieve it.


1. Get Good Data

This is crucial. Don't waste your time trying to create a relationship with someone at a company that doesn't make decisions. This is why we included a searchable database of pre-verified leads to help businesses and start-ups be able to start selling right away. At $0.99 a lead, you can buy as many as you can afford - And, when your business starts growing you can scale accordingly. Don't sign long-term contracts that could get you and your company in a sticky situation.


2. Verify Your Leads

If you get your leads from the SO Lead Store, you can skip this step. However, we've learned the hard way that even the most reputable lead sources have a large percentage of their emails that are either old or invalid. This is why we felt having an in-platform verification was important to keep you from wasting your time and protecting your domains sender reputation. It's worth it to have the piece of mind that you are sending your messages to valid emails.


3. Messaging Matters

Messaging makes a difference when it comes to your open rates. Use an email subject line that is unique. Also, make sure you don't come on too 'salesy' with discount offers and cheezy taglines. Simple, short and sweet. Then, follow up, follow up and follow up some more - because timing is everything. Make sure you follow up professionally (don't pester) with a 4-6 email sequence. We provide different approaches and styles in our Template Center where you can use and adjust to fit your objectives.


4. Adjust as Needed

Now that you have started sending emails, use the Simple Outreach analytic dashboard to see how effective the emails are. If you are getting a good open rate and a lot of positive responses, then you know it's working. If not, you can go back into your campaign and see if changing some of your messaging helps increase your numbers. Or maybe set a different campaign with another approach to run side by side to see which works best. Be patient though! Because sometimes it takes prospects until the 5th or 6th email to reply back.


 30 day money-back guarantee

Yes, we ask for payment up front. Doing so helps us provide you with better support, which we love doing!

Try us out.

If you're unsatisfied within 30 days, we'll happily refund your money if you did not use a coupon code — we'll just ask for your honest feedback.